The Crunch Time Complication - Case Study

Proof of Best Tool & Engineering’s Expertise

The Challenge

At BTE we can overcome even the most daunting challenges, no matter how little time is allotted. One of our more taxing challenges arose when one of our main customers informed us that they needed to meet a trade show date with a functional, multi-piece product in under six weeks. Keep in mind that the average time it takes to make tools for this medical cart project is 16 weeks.

The BTE Solution:

In order to achieve this arduous goal, our Engineering staff worked concurrently with the customer’s engineering staff to begin building tools before the part designs had even been completed. Since this customer is located a few hours away from our design house, we were able to work with them remotely by sharing Solid Works files and by conducting online meetings to eliminate waste in the communication process.

Since we saved so much time it was easier to pool all of our resources together and get the job done quickly. All members of our staff in Engineering, Tooling, Molding, Assembly, and Tryout worked indefatigably to turn the customer’s goal into reality. We ultimately ended up building 6 injection molds to cover 10 individual part numbers.

The Result

Not only did our customer receive a functional, multi-piece product they could use at the show, but also production ready tooling. As a result, the customer was able to confidently take orders from consumers at the trade show.

We Became an Extension of the Customer’s Engineering, Production & Sales Team.