Best Tool & Engineering

Best Tool & Engineering was founded in 1991. Joe Cherluck, current president, bought the company Best Tool & Mold and renamed it to reflect the added engineering services. The business then occupied a single building in Clinton Township, Michigan. Through hard work and dedication, Joe salvaged what was previously a dying company. He began to make a name for himself in the injection molding scene.

Our company has been family operated for most of it’s life. Over 10 family members have worked at Best Tool since 1991. With this family operated atmosphere, we believe it has helped the company have a deeper relationship with it’s clientele. As a result, most of our customers come back to do more business with us.

Over the decades, our company has tripled its square footage, diversified its portfolio, and expanded its services. These services include Vibration Welding, Hot Plate Welding, and manufacturing the respective tooling/fixturing. Now, we are growing in the medical and consumer products markets in addition to the automotive industry. Best Tool is looking forward to increasing our stake in the material handling/dunnage and government sectors.

At Best Tool, we don’t stop until the job is done right. We take pride in our work. Our team is fully invested in every project that comes through the door. That’s what makes us the Best Tool & Engineering Company.



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