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Injection Molding

Our Injection Molding Services include both Injection Mold manufacturing and the production of plastic Injection Molded parts. Our specialty is in Aluminum Injection Molds for Low to Mid Volume production (up to 250,000 parts). To learn more about our Tool Manufacturing, click here.

In cases where annual volumes may exceed 250,000 parts, we can design a hybrid mold that prevents the need to buy another mold down the road. For annual volumes expected in the millions, then we’ll need build you a steel mold.

If you’re an inventor, entrepreneur, or just someone who needs production-like quality in quantities that don’t justify buying a mold, get in touch with us to discuss our more economical solutions.



Our mold presses currently range from 75 to 500 tons accommodating shot sizes of 3 oz up to 60 oz respectively.

To calculate the required shot size for your part, multiply the volume of your part (usually in cubic inches) by the specific gravity of your desired material. Then, convert your answer to ounces.

If your shot size is slightly greater than 60 oz, we can always look over your part and discuss your options.

Mold inside press
Designed vs. Actual

Additional Features

Best Tool & Engineering offers the following features for your product:

  • Over-Molding: the process of molding over metals or other plastics. Typically used for knives with plastic handles and other products that use more than one material.
  • Insert Molding: using Over-Molding techniques to incorporate inserts in your product for better fastening abilities.
  • Living Hinges: plastic hinges that you would find on a pencil box for example.
  • Different Finishes: Examples shown below.
Woodgrain Texture
Industrial Non-Slip Pattern
Wicker Texture
Medium Texture

Accepted Plastics

Injection Molding allows your product to be made from a wide variety of plastics and the color options can be endless. Below are some of plastics that can be molded.

AbbreviatedFull NameTypical Specific Gravity
ABSAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene1.04 - 1.22
HDPEHigh-density polyethylene 0.97
LDPELow-density polyethylene 0.93
PA66Nylon 66 1.14
PA6Nylon 61.14
PBTPolybutylene terephthalate 1.30
PCPolycarbonate 1.2
PC-ABSABS polycarbonate 1.15
PETPolyethylene terephthalate 1.38
PMMAPolymethyl methacrylate (acrylic)1.19
POMAcetal polyoxymethylene1.42
PPSPolyphenylene sulfide 1.35
TPEThermoplastic elastomer 0.95
TPVThermoplastic vulcanizates 0.92 - 1.04

Our Injection Molding Process

Injection Molding Process