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Hot Plate Welding

Our Hot Plate Welding Services include both Hot Plate Tool Manufacturing and the production of plastic Hot Plate Welded parts for Low to Mid Volume production (up to 75,000 parts per year). To learn more about our Hot Plate Tooling Services, click here.

In addition to being sought out for our production and manufacturing services, we’ve answered the call to offer our technical support on several programs over the years and consider ourselves experts in the field.



Our current table size is 17 X 22 inches and can accommodate a wide range of part sizes. The tools we design are integrated with electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic components and are then cut and assembled in house.

Just like Injection Molds, Hot Plate tools can produce multiple parts at once to reduce the price of each part coming out of the machine. However, unlike Vibration Welding, family components are welcome and can be manufactured at the same time despite having drastically different geometries.

Best Tool & Engineering also offers assembly services for electrical components or larger assemblies that need to be pre-assembled prior to welding.

Hot Plate Welding Tool
Same Hot Plate Tool Installed at Customer Site

Material/Part Capabilities

Plastic welding has its limitations like every other process. The table shown below offers insight into the parameters and variations of both Vibration and Hot Plate Welding.

Best Tool & Engineering currently provides these two services. To learn more about our Vibration Welding Services, click here.

Vibration Welding Material Compatibility Chart
Vibration Welding Melting Chart

If you don’t see your plastic on the graph or aren’t sure on the bonding of your two different plastics, send us an email here.

Accepted Plastics

Plastic welding allows the bonding of many different plastics including:

POMAcetal polyoxymethylene
ABSAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene
PBTPolybutylene terephyhalate
PC-ABSABS polycarbonate
PETPolyethylene terephthalate
PMMAPolymethyl methacrylate (acrylic)
PPSPolyphenylene sulfide
LCPLiquid Crystal Polymer
PC-PBTPBT polycarbonate
PEEKPolyether Ether Ketone
PPOP-Phenylene Oxide
PVCPolyvinyl chloride

Our Hot Plate Welding Process

Hot Plate Welding Process